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by Janet Alizo
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About Our shredvise

Shredvise was established in 2021 for the sole purpose of investigating diabetes-related topics and sharing different views on the subject matter.

Shredvise is a personal blog about Janet where she shares her experiences with type 1 diabetes. Janet struggled to find easy and relevant information on the web about managing her diabetes and travel lifestyle which led to the birth of shredvise so people with diabetes can easily have access to this information.

The primary goal of shredvise is to provide people living with any diabetes with relevant and easy-to-access information on how they can live healthy lives just like everyone else.

Shredvise is a hub for people with diabetes, and all information found here impacts the lives of diabetic persons positively. As the saying goes "managing your Diabetes is not science, IT'S AN ART". Shredvise through the help of Janet will ensure you have the art.